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This is pretty much like a giant resource to all your Cursed Innocence related questions. If your question isn't here, feel free to ask! (though I can't put all of it up due to spoilers) Magic
Holy Magic -In the world of Cursed Innocence, Magic is a manmade power. By the time the story starts, Magic has only existed on the Humans side for about 20 years, thanks to 3 renowned men: Kiel Reed, Chris Berr and Zavion Asti. It was named Holy magic to contrast the Demonic Magic. Holy magic can only effect someones physical self, it cannot effect anyones psyche or mental status.
Demonic Magic
-Demonic Magic ages back many centries, back to when the Vatican was the main power on the earth. Demons are born knowing the basic magic and can be taught more complicated Magics throughout age. Demonic magic can ONLY be learned by someone who is atleast partially Demon (which is why Xander is so much of a magical miracle). Demonic magic can effect any part of a human body that the user wishes. The more common spells used with this magic are Hallucination spells, which cause the victim major mental pain.

CHURCH - The CHURCH Organization is the organization founded by the humans shortly after the human magic had been developed. Unlike popular belief, It is not a religious organization. CHURCH is a branch off of law enforcement, specialized for demon related incidences. They are not allowed to arrest anyone; they are only allowed to incapacitate ill-behaved demons, and bring them to the Police. The name, CHURCH was adopted by Father Zavion Asti, to replicate the idea of the Vatican protecting all citizens from evil, like it was believed to do in the past.
Police Dept.
-The Police Dept. is exactly as it sounds. It's rule lies mainly within the human crimes. Police are not allowed to mess with Demon related cases, unless there is a CHURCH officer with them.

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