Cursed Innocence (discontinued)


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Height: 180cm/ 5'11"
Rank: 2nd Exorcist
Specialty: Uses both CHURCH developed magic and Demon developed magic, which no one else can seem to accomplish. Description: Xander tends to give himself off as an immature man with a huge sense of sarcasm. He normally has a pretty calm attitude about things, and can argue his way out of anything; but even so, He is a very caring and fatherly figure. He'll lend his hand out when he feels it's right. He is very notable for being logical, and thinking well in a tense situation.

Height:165cm/ 5'5"
Specialty:Increased attributes due to the half demon soul (Stronger, faster etc.)
Description:Arwen is probably one of the most aggressive characters in the story. She gets her point through however she sees most fit, and doesn't like to wait for things. The only people in the world she cares about are her brother and Xander (though with Xander she doesn't show it much) She only has half a human soul; the other half being occupied by a Demons soul that she shares with her brother.

Height: 165cm/ 5'5"
Rank: Caretaker
Specialty:Increased attributes due to the half demon soul (Stronger, faster etc.)
Description: Edrick is the shy one of the two. He gained his personality mainly from his mother. He tries to be considerate when he can, but when hes mad, he has the attitude of a typical teenage boy. He prefers to think before acting, and holds Arwen back from pumbeling people quite often. His self confidence is pretty low, so he is always being defended by Arwen when he decides to not defend himself.

Height:170cm/ 5'7"
Rank:1st Exorcist
Specialty:Arian is very specialized with his magic. He never messes up on casting and knows pretty much every spell in the book like the back of his hand, allowing him to easily defeat his enemy in very few spell castings and minimal time.
Description:Arian is explained as a "family man" and is pretty stingy about his duty. He likes to make sure things are done right, and isn't afraid to make sure everyone else knows that. Aside that, he is a very sweet, mature man. he does have his sence of humor, and sarcasm. He also will do anything for his partners, especially Xander. Arian is the only person that knows of Xander's issues.

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