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Welcome to Cursed Innocence (discontinued).

When a young Exorcist in training finds a pair of twin children on the steps to the church, his life takes a drastic turn for the these childrens souls, together, share the same demon spirit. 15 years later, hes is the most famous Exorcist in the known world. he can use both Holy magic, developed by the CHURCH organization, and the dark magic, developed by demons. He is unconserned with all of that. All he wishes is to make the two children, he found 15 years back, to live a normal life... even though his has been destoryed because of them WARNING. I SUCK AT SUMMARYS :D LEFT TO RIGHT LOL I'm not Japanese and don't plan to act as one. This WILL have BLOOD and GORE, possibly OFFENSIVE things. And since this comic has a bunch of characters; not all of them are straight. I promise you though, this isn't a yaoi or yuri comic.

hey guys

Hey guys, I'm gonna be a bit till the next post.
accounting on grades coming here soon I might get grounded, and I just got out of an artblock.

right now i dont feel too hot so I'm not gonna spend hours on end in photoshop either sooo

be back with a comic hopefully soon~

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